Why another blog?

Several years ago, I made a commitment to read a few verses of scripture each day, then keep a journal of the thoughts and insights that crossed my mind. I try to do it seven days a week. It’s the best discipline I’ve ever developed.

I have stacks and stacks of journals in my home. They are invaluable to me. If my house caught fire in the middle of the night, I would shove my wife, my dog, and my journals out the bedroom window. And not necessarily in that order. Don’t tell my dog (or my wife!).

So this blog is a chance for you to look over my shoulder and take a peek into my journal. I may cover up some pages. Personal stuff. But if there’s something that might help, I’ll share it with you. Some entries go back a few years. Others, just hours. I hope they’ll be a blessing to you.

Much Aloha!

Del Gibbs


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